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We apply best practices and corporate branding expertise to the yachting industry.


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Why yacht branding?

In addition to the common customisation options that shipbuilders offer (configuration, equipment, layout, materials, finishing), there is another statement to make - the appearance of the yacht reflecting its idea, sense or purpose.

What is the reason to do this?

Most often, our customers have a clear understanding of why they are building a yacht or promoting a project in the yachting industry, and they want to express this idea to peers and public.

We believe there is an intrinsic motivation to any venture. And we will readily help with putting it into words and, ultimately, converting it into a message.

Why should I chose you?

We are sailors and advertising professionals with extensive experience across a scope of businesses.

Be it illustrating hull and sails of a racing yacht, creating a new maritime brand, assembling a welcome kit for guests, a classic booklet or video presentation for a project — we will offer you an efficient idea and deliver quality.

How to get started?

We definitely should have a chat first and will prepare some summary of key facts and goals in order to establish a framework for the creative process. We will turn around and come up with a vision of how our project will work out and how much it will cost.

And at this stage you and we will feel if there is a fit, if there is a spark)

How much does it cost?

As soon as we understand the essence of tasks and the scope of work at hand, we will be able to answer this with a cost estimate.

How we work

Meeting & Briefing We will meet and dive into the essence of your task

Commercial offer We will prepare our vision of the project and make an estimate

Contract We will quickly draw up and agree on a contract

Work We will engage all the necessary people and resources to create something special

What we do

  • Yacht Branding The image of a yacht is the reflection of the soul and a statement of its owner, and there are many ways to express such statement: unique graphic design on hull and sails; branding of interior elements and accessories; sailing team equipment; merchandise; souvenirs; welcome pack for guests, etc.
  • Brand identity for a club, regatta or a sailing team Shareholders in the yachting industry work in the same competitive environment as any commercial organisation. You will need to target a certain audience, attract partners and clients, provide a valuable customer experience. Therefore, a holistic approach for creating a strong brand image is necessary, and here is where we come into play: develop a brand identity and collect all the necessary brand elements into a universal style guide.
  • Digital communication materials Like, Share, Subscribe — the main actions in the modern information age. Your yachting brand, product or event must be available online, in a convenient and interactive format, mobile devices ready. Be it social media accounts, professionally designed content, or a long-term digital marketing strategy.

Skorpios Brand design for ClubSwan 125

We developed a design concept for a unique sailing monohull Skorpios ClubSwan 125. We created illustrations for branding the hull, sails and interior elements and have prepared all the necessary files for production.

Scope of works: design concept, illustrations, 3D visualisation, productions files


Skorpidi Brand design for ClubSwan 36

We created a design concept and developed branding layouts of the hull and sail set for the Skorpidi ClubSwan 36 racing yacht.

Scope of works: design concept, illustrations, 3D visualisation, productions files


Pro Yachting Yacht club and sailing school branding

Developed brand identity and guidebook.

Scope of works: brand identity, guidebook


Synergy Yacht crew equipment

We developed the concept and design of sets of coastal clothing and accessories for the Synergy Yachting Team, select materials and organize a limited production.

Scope of works: design concept, fashion design, production management


Skorpios Sailing Team Yacht clothes branding

We have developed design layouts for branding a set of clothing for a sailing team.

Scope of works: layout design, print management


Skudina Team Olympic sailing team branding

We created a Ekaterina Skudina's sailing team brand identity for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Scope of works: brand identity


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