Design Support

Design Support

We solve your design challenges on an ongoing basis

Long-term brand design support, where the client receives the maximum amount of communication materials

You need Design Support if:

  • You run more than 10 design tasks or more than 20 layouts every month
  • Your deadline often is ASAP
  • You need predictable results


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What kind of design tasks are we talking about?

All kinds of communication materials - online or offline: images for social media, banners, landing pages, emails, presentations, posters etc.

How much does it cost?

We will provide you with an estimate as soon as we understand the types, complexity and quantity of your tasks per month.

What's included?

The main expenses are for your team and software. Taxes and agency mark-up are also included.

Is the cost fixed?

Yes. Once approved there will be a fixed payment once a month.

What is my benefit?
  • The cost per project will turn out to be 2-3 times less than making a one-off inquiry in a design agency. This will save money.
  • A permanent team that understands your buisness and visual communications. In fact, this is your outstaffed design department.
  • You can order any task that design agencies often are not too fond of.
  • Quick delivery of ASAP projects without loss of quality and without overpayments.
  • Implementation of long, oh-so-very long projects with constant changes from the endless projects with many revisits. No surcharges. We will go on and on.
  • Clear and timely communication on all projects, monthly progress reports in a convenient format.
  • All created layouts are organised, and as a result, an archive of all communication materials is created
Who will work on my designs?
  • The smalles viable team consists of one designer and one account manager. Further, everything depends on types, complexity and quantity of tasks.
  • As an example: the headcount of one of our clients’ team is 15. In addition to designers and account managers, there are a copywriter, a html layout designer, aprepress specialist and a corrector on the team.

Ok. How to get started?

Meeting We will tell you more about the processes, give examples of existing contracts, ask questions

Analytics We will collect data on the type, complexity and quantity of your tasks. And analyse the current state of communication materials

Commercial Offer You will get a clear representation of what you will get at what cost

What's next?

Workshop day We will present and discuss the process of tackling your tasks.

Contract Copied for approval on both sides

Assembling the team We only need 10 business days for this.

Connecting and setting up online services For collaboration and project management

We work Dealing with your design challenges every day

Our Design Support cases


More than 5000 design tasks done Start of cooperation - 2018 (to date)

Tasks: emails, landing pages, sticker packs, presentations, posters, leaflets, outdoor advertising, roll-ups etc.



More than 50 tasks done Start of cooperation - 2021 (to date)

Tasks: banners, images for social networks, ads localization



More than 2000 design tasks done Start of cooperation - 2019 (to date)

Tasks: emails, banners, landing pages, presentations


Why us?

  • For more than 10 years we have been helping businesses to solve communication and marketing tasks.
  • The largest Russian and international companies trust us with their projects.
  • We have many years of experience in setting up and tailoring teams to distinct client needs, building a management system and implementing streaming projects

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